Survive on 35 : Day 1

Day 1 of this week long challenge might actually be the toughest day i have. Its a workday & a gym day so time is truly of the essence. That being said, i wanted to make all my meals for Tuesday the night before. All i have to do is throw my respective meals in the microwave. The meals for today are basic. Very,Very, VERY basic. This is all a part of my plan of attack this week. I figured if i start off the week stretching all my food, ill have more freedom at the end of the week. Tuesdays Menu is as follows:

Breakfast :

  • Freshly cut peach & 2 Packs of Oatmeal

Lunch & Dinner

  • Chicken & Rice
  • Green Peppers and Onions
  • Black Beans
  • 2 cups of Iceberg Salad mix

As i said, these meals are very basic. More variety to come day 2. I Hope.

Survive On 35 : The Gameplan

After a few days away from home and a few days of planning, i finally did my shopping for the week.My thought process was pretty simple. Where can i get the most , healthy food at the cheapest prices? Two stores in particular popped into my mind: Bravo Supermarket & Sav A Lot supermarket. These are nowhere near the same as Publix  or any other major chain but they do fit the bill for cheap & healthy. So here is a rundown of the stuff i bought and the prices:

2 Family Packs of Skinless Chicken Thighs 9.59

2lbs of Green Peppers 2.07

2lb bag of Brown Rice 2.09

3lb bag of Onions 3lbs 1.39

3lbs of fresh Peaches 3.17

6lb can of Black Beans 5.69

2 bags of Iceberg Lettuce 1.34

2 4 Packs of Corn on the cob 2.00

Variety Box of Oatmeal 1.69

Grand Total after Taxes - 29.03 

Since i was under budget by 5.97, I’m taking 2.00 away to use on Tea that i already have at home. the 3.97 will be used later this week at the produce stand for some more vegetables. Ill be drinking water of course all week. No need to drink up my money, right? Food prep is going to be the biggest thing this week and finding variety. But thats all a part of the challenge. #SurviveOn35 . this will be an interesting 7 days.

If you’re still wanting to join the challenge , just click here for all the info

Survive on 35

I thought this would be a great way to kick off this blog. The Survive on 35 premise is built around the idea that eating healthy does not have to be expensive. I first heard about it from my gyms Twitter account, @AnytimeFitness . I followed the trail and found out the entire back story. The challenge started the day after i heard about it so i couldnt participate with the large group that was doing it so i decided to get those on my personal twitter account involved. Our aim is to all start the week of July 23rd and survive On 35. Follow the links , Reblog &  join us.